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Agency Wish Lists

Looking for a way to give back? Add a few extra items from the Wish List to your shopping list when hitting those retail sales.

Moving or downsizing? Consider rehoming your gently used items.

Take a look at our Allendale Wish List for current needs and other ways you can help the children at Allendale.

Educational Services

  • Physical Education: Frisbee Golf Discs, 16 Pickle-Ball Paddles, 8 Pickle-Ball balls, maintenance plan for 9 treadmills ($3,000) 
  • Classroom Furniture: high top chairs/stools, book shelves, larger teacher desk or work station, student desks, rocking movement student chairs 
  • Classroom Supplies: small dry-erase boards for individual students, computer headphones, calculators, washable markers, journals, construction paper, poster board, paint, light tracer, art easel, carpet squares, play kitchen/food, puppet stand, globe, DVD/VHS player 
  • Classroom Recreational: basketballs, footballs, educational games, gaming system, etc. 
  • Curriculum: funds to purchase books for classroom libraries and for curriculum support (i.e., novel sets); funds to increase resources for vocational and life skills curriculum 
  • Funds to host a School Assembly: motivational speaker, black history performance, author, etc. (organized by the Special Events committee) 
  • Allendale Café: 2-3 bistro tables & 6-9 high top chairs/stools
  • LRC: 12 green student computer chairs

Foster Care

  • Portable DVD player or Tablet/iPad for long car rides to family visits 
  • Small suitcases with wheels and moving boxes for foster youth 
  • Gift Cards to various local establishments and merchants ($50 value) for Foster Families the Annual Appreciation Event in May Medical Services 
  • Eyeglasses - Public aid covers glasses for children under 18, but they take 3-4 months to receive and our kids break them often. Kids over 18 are only allotted 1 pair every 2 years. Expense is $5K/year to cover the cost of replacing them at Walmart

Residential – Lake Villa Campus and Community Group Homes

  • Portable computer project and screen for cottage programming and trainings 
  • Hygiene products (variety of nice products for Caucasian and African American hair: brushes, etc.) 
  • Bath towels and washcloths 
  • House shoes/slippers (boys and girls, variety of sizes) 
  • Beauty salon gift certificates (for cuts, styling, braiding, perms, etc.) 
  • Movie theatre gift cards for cottage outings

Thank you for your consideration!

Allendale is recognized as a nonprofit, charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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