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Therapeutic Day School & Special Education

We believe students of all abilities can achieve at higher levels when they’re supported by individualized instruction, and given response, setting, and scheduling accommodations. Allendale’s Specialized Educational Services Program is designed to help students identify their own goals, and build academic skills, good work habits, and self-confidence, through an individualized K-12 youth educational program. Our professional staff are trained in the REStArT model to work collaboratively with each student and family in our therapeutic day school to achieve the student’s personal goals.

In This Section...

Stepping Stone Therapeutic Day School (Lake Villa)

Our Therapeutic Day School, Grades 3 through 12

LINC Therapeutic Day School (Woodstock)

Specialized Educational, Vocational and Therapeutic Services to students ages 8 - 21

Residential Therapeutic Day Schools (Lake Villa & North Chicago)

Our Therapeutic Day School Program designed to meet the educational needs of students enrolled in Allendale’s Therapeutic Residential Treatment program

Career & Technical Education Program

Horticulture, Café, Silk Screening & Embroidery, Woodshop, Auto Shop, Laundry, Dining Hall, and Job Coaching