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Therapeutic Residential Treatment

Chaos and confusion can hold a childhood hostage. Therapeutic Residential Treatment at Allendale gives children the transformative experience of simply being kids – the chance to make friends, to play, to explore, to experience adventure, to make their own priceless childhood memories. It is important for families to understand how important their role is in the child’s treatment. Discharge planning begins day one during our therapeutic behavioral services, with an emphasis on what needs to happen to allow a youth to return home. We maintain regular, ongoing communication with the family in the form of clinical consultations, phone calls and visits.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services: What We Offer

Therapeutic Residential Treatment at Allendale offers intensive help for kids in crisis, with serious emotional and behavior problems. Allendale provides a safe, clinically-sound, and structured world in which kids can begin to learn, heal and grow. Children temporarily live in a safe environment on the Allendale campus, where they receive clinically-focused attention and can be supervised and monitored by our trained and credentialed staff. Through our therapeutic behavioral services, kids find security in consistent routines and empowerment to set their own goals while learning to form healthy relationships. Sitting on over 120 acres of land and lake, our campus offers an outdoor experience filled with therapeutic activities which allows youth to develop a healthy lifestyle.

While receiving residential treatment, youth participate in individual therapy, daily groups, attend our on-grounds school and have regularly-scheduled appointments with our consulting psychiatrists. Youth have access to health services, including 10 full-time nurses, 2 contractual psychiatrists and access to routine medical care in partnership with a local community medical provider; as well as vocational programming at our greenhouse, woodshop, graphic arts and many other on-site opportunities. In addition, our youth have been able to gain off-site employment to help them learn how to regulate in the community as well as gain future employment opportunities once discharged.

Allendale serves males as young as five years old and females as young as 12 years old. Learn more about our Therapeutic Residential Treatment program by reading through our FAQs below and contacting us at 847-245-6207.