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Outcomes & Impact

At Allendale, our counseling services give kids and their families possibilities – to realign and alter the direction of their lives, to rise above their personal challenges. Our aim is to offer every chance for healing and growth – through an entire myriad of counseling services and programs and a continuum of care. And we’re proud of the positive impact we are able to make on the children and families we support.

Over 650 Children, Adolescents & Families Receiving Care Annually:

52 kids involved in our Foster Care Program

74 kids enrolled in Therapeutic Day School Program

174 kids participated in our Residential Treatment & Group Home Programs

378 kids take advantage Out-Patient Counseling Services*

Our goal is to inspire hope in the midst of adversity, by all means possible. We will never stop looking out for those we serve. And we will never stop looking up.

Successes in 2021 included (but weren’t limited to) the following:

  • went "live" with a new Electronic Health System in Sept 2020
  • developed and continuously updated COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure youth and staff safety
  • effectively implemented safety protocols in response to any youth or staff positive COVID result
  • maintained an open intake process, admitting 55 youth to residential treatment and successfully discharging 62 youth the community setting
  • achieved an 83% favorable discharge rating (youth discharged to a less-restrictive community-based placement
  • achieved a 78% retention rate for youth discharged (remaining in discharge placement 6 months or longer after discharge from Allendale)
  • successfully shifted to remote educational programming for 178 students daily
  • maintained full services for over 40 Specialized Foster Care youth, providing permanency for 7 youth via adoption or guardianship
  • Outpatient Services converted to tele-health and later hybrid Counseling services, maintaining over 80% engagement
  • raised over $400,000 in a virtual fundraiser for a new therapeutic recreation space on campus, with 100% Board participation

The community of students that make up the residential treatment and day school programs are students who have experienced much devastation and loss in their young lives. Youth are overcoming significant learning disabilities, emotional and behavior needs, and much failure in the classroom. Our student profile highlights their unique need, as well as their success under the circumstances:

  • approximately 70% of our students come from low income/working poor families.
  • more than 60% are legal youth in care of the IL Department of Children & Family Service
  • more than 60% of our students test below the State's standardized reading level when they come to Allendale
  • graduation rate for our students leaving 12th grade is 100% - our school helps students with credit recovery since so many are behind (sometimes as many as 1-9 grade levels) when they come to Allendale
  • 93% of residential youth with a favorable discharge achieved passing ratings on the IM-CANS (IL Medicaid Comprehensive Assessment of Needs and Strengths”) assessment of behavioral/emotional needs, life skills functions and risk behaviors at discharge

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