Autism Residential Program

When a traditional school setting cannot serve your child, consider Allendale autism residential program. Here, you will find a family-centric living and learning environment where your Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) student can thrive – academically, emotionally and socially. Through our residential program for autism, youth learn how to play with others, socially manage in the community, learn hygiene skills, and attend school programming identified within their IEP.

Allendale works in consultation and connection with the Easter Seals program to offer specific training and guidance relating to autism. We understand the unique learning differences of children with diverse sensory and processing needs, and of children with learning differences. And through our residential program for autism, we’re able to offer individualized instruction and evidence-based support. We empower kids to explore challenging academics and social relationships that can set the foundation for a successful future. This autism residential program is specifically geared toward youth aged 5 through 10 years – both verbal and nonverbal youth. However, we are able to serve autistic youth in other programming on our campus, depending on their specific needs.