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Master’s Level Practicum/Internship

Allendale offers a master’s level practicum/internship experience for those pursuing a master’s degree in counseling or clinical psychology or clinical social work.  The program offers intensive training in the REStArTSM model through the Allendale REStArTSM Institute.

ALL practica/internships are 12-month programs, beginning on August 15, 2022 and ending on August 18, 2023.

Application Process:

You can download the 2021-2022 Master’s Level Psychotherapy Practicum Information Packet which outlines the application process.

We will review each file once we are in receipt of all requested materials.

In the cover letter, please answer the following two questions:

  1. In terms of self-awareness, what have you observed about yourself while doing clinical work that is something you do well; and, also, what is something that you have observed about yourself while doing clinical work that you need to improve on?
  2. In addition to gaining more experiences, what are you hoping to gain out of your internship this year?
Please send inquiries to:
Catherine McConnell, Ph.D.
Allendale Association
Bradley Counseling Center
Thank you for your interest in Allendale!