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Pathways to a Hope-filled Future

At Allendale, we strive to provide youth and families with the tools they need to build a foundation for growth, hope and healing – setting them upon a path of restoration and newfound strength and wisdom.

This year, with a generous grant from The Grainger Foundation, Allendale plans to build a Healing Labyrinth – a decorative paved pathway to be used for walking meditation, talk therapy and spiritual practice – designed to create a revitalizing space for our youth, families and staff members. This garden, welcoming and accessible to all, aims to encourage healthy social support, promote positive interaction, enhance immune functions as well as improve mood, sleep quality and concentration further enriching the treatment process for our youth.

Part of the journey of growth and self-discovery is providing youth with a safe and calming space to unwind and reflect to make way for therapeutic interactions of empathy and compassion creating opportunities to empower, learn and practice newly acquired skills and forging new connections on a path to recovery and the achievement of personalized treatment goals.

“We all search for thoughtful, creative ways to clear our minds, reduce stress and achieve balance within ourselves and with those around us. This new labyrinth will provide a space where our youth, staff, family members and friends can enjoy a moving meditation and reflective stroll along a peaceful path right here on our beautiful campus”, says Jason Keeler, CEO, Allendale Association.

Friends like you are helping to “pave the way for the future”… brick by brick! This summer, gifts of $125 or more are eligible for our Legacy Brick Campaign, helping to build the foundation for our Healing Labyrinth. Your individual name or the name of your family or business will be engraved into a brick paver that will become an indelible and permanent part of this inspiring pathway prominently located on Allendale’s historic Lake Villa campus.

Recent announcement! Your gift now through August 31st will be matched dollar-for-dollar by an anonymous donor and incredible friend of Allendale!

Be a part of Allendale’s legacy! Donate today!

A tradition of care and service.

For 125 years, Allendale, a private, not-for-profit organization, has led youth with serious emotional, mental, and behavioral health challenges and their families on a journey towards resiliency.

At Allendale, our aim is to offer every chance for healing and growth – through myriad programs and services and a continuum of care including 24/7 therapeutic residential treatment, therapeutic day school programs, outpatient counseling services, foster care and community support services. Allendale is a place where kids and families have the opportunity to restore their lives and discover a better future.