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‘It Takes a Team’ to Make a Lasting Impact!

“Backpacks, school supplies, and first day of school outfits — this is what a new school year brings! In education, we are fortunate enough to experience a “new year” twice each year — in August and in January. Back to School is a time of excited anticipation and renewed hope for the future. Both students and teachers alike ponder many questions: What will my class be like? Will my old friends be there? Will I make new friends? What activities should I join? The answers will come in the days and weeks that follow, but one thing is certain – we are ALL IN it together!” says Lorine Schaar, Director of Allendale’s Therapeutic Day Schools in Lake Villa and Woodstock, Illinois.

Long time donors and volunteers, Fill-A-Heart 4 Kids, understands what it means to be ALL IN. They recently sponsored a “School Supply Pop-Up Shop” for Allendale students! Kids were so excited to be able to pick out their own school supplies!

“It’s so meaningful and wonderful to work with Allendale’s precious children. We love bringing our traveling school supply store for kids to “shop” for new backpacks and school supplies. It helps build a brighter future when children know we believe in them!” says Annie McAveeney, Founder of Fill-A-Heart 4 Kids, who shares our passion for helping youth.

All students want a school where they belong. But, one size does not always fit all, and that’s why we are here!

Allendale’s Therapeutic Day School is designed to help students identify their own goals, build academic skills, develop good work habits and self-confidence through our individualized K-12 specialized education program. We believe students of all abilities can achieve at higher levels when they’re supported by personalized instruction tailored to each students’ specific needs and strengths that is within a supportive learning environment that both challenges but remains responsive and accommodating.

Allendale serves students with special education needs which include emotional disabilities, specific learning disabilities, other health impairments, developmental delays and autism—providing additional academic and behavioral support which enables students to be more successful at school. We offer smaller class sizes within our structured day school which meets both academic and therapeutic needs. Classrooms have up to 10 students with one teacher and one or two teacher assistants, which provides customized instruction and attention.

One of our school’s most engaging components – our Career & Tech Ed (CTE) Program – really sets us apart!

Allendale’s CTE Program allows students to explore a skill or trade while offering hands-on learning and real-life work experience, sharpening students’ job readiness skills and developing a strong and positive work ethic. Students can earn credit towards graduation by participating in semester-long credit classes as well as enrichment classes.

Allendale’s on-campus work sites provide training and opportunities in the following specialized career development areas:

  • Bernard B. Rinella, Jr. Greenhouse/Horticulture Program and Mazza Gardens
  • Embroidery & Silk-Screening Program
  • Wood Shop Program
  • Auto Shop Program
  • Café/Cooking classes
  • Pre-vocational Work Sites: Laundry Attendant, Recycling Program, Dining Hall Dishwasher
  • Music Enrichment and Credit Classes
  • Art, Photography, and Yearbook Enrichment and Credit Classes

The CTE Program also aids students in building career & life skills such as mock interviewing, resume development, practice completing job applications and assistance finding competitive outside employment.

Our focus is on student’s success!

Shelly, an Allendale student who loves to learn new things, worked in Allendale’s Café and Laundry work sites last semester and credits her work experiences with teaching her time management, multi-tasking, organization and problem-solving skills.

“I enjoyed working in the Café – it taught me a lot of patience working with customers, taking orders and how to manage myself so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed,” Shelly reflects fondly, who bonded with her Job Coaches, Ms. Terry & Ms. Tiffany.

Shelly is laser focused on her goals of graduating high school, gaining employment and plans to move to a transitional living program… with dreams of owning her own business one day. Never stop looking up, Shelly!

It takes a team of dedicated professionals to help kids chart a new course, grow in ways they could never dream and start to believe that the best moments in their lives are yet to come. Here’s to another great school year!

A tradition of care and service.

For 125 years, Allendale, a private, not-for-profit organization, has led youth with serious emotional, mental, and behavioral health challenges and their families on a journey toward resiliency.

At Allendale, our aim is to offer every chance for healing and growth – through myriad programs and services and a continuum of care including 24/7 therapeutic residential treatment, therapeutic day school programs, outpatient counseling services, foster care and community support services. Allendale is a place where kids and families have the opportunity to restore their lives and discover a better future.