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Allendale Receives High Praise from Advanc-ED Accreditation

Allendale School’s Advanc-ED External Review concluded last week, utilizing over 30 standards that are tailored for all education providers across the country. The team examined our school’s programs, cultural context, resources, and stakeholder involvement to determine how well all parts work together to meet the needs of our students. The goal is to help Allendale continue to look at how we can grow and improve the teaching and learning process to increase student achievement.

With this recognition we must continue to challenge ourselves to push the boundaries in the classroom, create innovative 21st century learners ready for college or career, make and implement decisions to personalize learning and collaboration, and require high expectations for all. Working collaboratively, your support and involvement in their educational process will only help improve our continuous journey.

The Advanc-ED team leader, Eric Carlton, documented many powerful practices within our school, stating, “Your school is committed to a focus on the total child ensuring a safe and respectful learning and clinical environment. If needed, I would send my son or daughters to Allendale.”

Congrats to our Educational Services Team!