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REStArT Treatment Model Principles

Allendale’s model, the Relational Re-Enactment Systems Approach to Treatment (REStArTSM), is a comprehensive child and adolescent mental health treatment model. Treatment is based on youth’s “conflict cycles” (i.e., relational trauma), which are defined by their re-enactments of their attachment experiences in the present. By engaging all systems involved with a youth and the experiences the members of those systems have with them, the treatment team can develop an understanding of how the youth sees themselves, others, and their relationships. Plans for treatment, then, are driven by this conceptualization which is unique to each youth, but created within a model that uses attachment theory, object relations theory, an understanding of the impact of trauma and neurobiological underpinnings to organize the youth’s patterns into diagnostic categories. These plans are developed to interrupt this cycle, which gives youth a chance to experience the feelings that have been inaccessible to them because they were being acted-out. The interruption of their re-enactment also gives them a chance to find new ways of relating and responding.

The REStArTSM model has thirteen principles that capture the philosophy, theory, and practice behind the approach. These principles guide treatment process and implementation with the goal of developing and executing a successful life plan.

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