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How to know when kids could use a therapist’s help

It’s been a long couple of months. In many families, parents and kids have spent far more time together than before. Emotions are running high, patience is wearing thin — and some parents are seeing their kids in a new light.

Sometimes it’s positive, like discovering how funny or adaptable your child really is. Other times, it’s worrisome, like realizing that your child has become cranky and short-tempered. But how do you know if it’s serious?

That’s a tough question, especially now, when it’s difficult to know if a child’s behavior is tied to “adjusting to this situation” or has morphed into “something that needs to be addressed.”

Allendale’s Director of Clinical & Outpatient Services, Dr. Sandra Clavelli, offers some insights on how to know when kids could use a therapist’s help.

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