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Staff Testimonials

“My time at Allendale has been highly productive. I have been able to accomplish my personal goal of working for a humanitarian cause, but also provide the best quality services to clients. The most I value at Allendale is that there is always room for new ideas and collaboration. With only a year experience in child welfare, I was able to transfer from being a Teaching Aide, to a Case Specialist, to guide the transitioning process of clients, and work closely with a diverse team. I was able to succeed at Allendale Association, because my professional goals were always supported. I’m thankful for the many opportunities that Allendale has given me.” – Dominique Crespo, Case Specialist

“I will be forever thankful and mindful of the graciousness, kindness, and giving nature of Allendale. My nearly eight years with Allendale have allowed for me to grow from line staff to Case Specialist, Extern and currently to the position of Residential Therapist I. Had those working with me not allowed for and seen the potential necessary for the various positions, I am certain that I would not have the experience, knowledge, and clinical skills necessary to move onto the next chapter in my life.” – Youth Worker/Mental Health Specialist, Case Specialist, Extern, Therapist

“Allendale has taught me so much, not only in this field, but has given me different perspectives in life. I have made great friendships and mentors which I will have for a lifetime. This is one of the best things about Allendale; it doesn’t just feel like a job or a career; it feels like you are part of a family.” – Youth Care Worker/Mental Health Specialist, Unit Coordinator