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REStArT Institute

Our award-winning treatment model is the heart of the Allendale REStArTSM Institute. The REStArTSM (Relational Re-Enactment Systems Approach to Treatment) Treatment Model is a comprehensive systems-approach to treatment with youth who struggle with emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges. It’s based on 13 principles that guide human service professionals, family members and youth in developing interventions to help break chronic “conflict cycles,” repair relationships and learn new ways to be successful at home, in school and in the community. It’s an innovative and evidence-based “team approach” to helping kids and families in need learn better ways to cope, deal with conflict and implement a positive life plan.

More information about our REStArTSM Treatment Model

2015 Research Article — “Clinical Consultation as a Family Intervention in Residential Treatment: Exploring What Impacts Outcomes”

2012 Research Article — “Collaborating with Clients and Improving Outcomes: The Relational Re-enactment Systems Approach to Treatment Model”