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Rinella Games Room Fundraising Campaign




























The Rinella Games Room Fundraising Project honors Bernie & Gloria Rinella and their 50+ years of service to Allendale! True to their nature and philanthropic spirit, they asked for a fundraising project that would benefit the kids as a way to celebrate their tenure.

They believe that offering young people this new and improved Games Room will provide them greater independence and ownership in their learning, physical activity, creative expression and the ability to demonstrate competence – all while having fun! A location between the current gym and chapel at the heart of the Lake Villa Campus has been identified as an ideal space to repurpose and build upon for a new Games Room. Project budget is $360,000.

Please consider donating to this building project and help us provide a new Games Room and activity space for the young people at Allendale in honor of Bernie and Gloria!

Donate now! You will be in good company!

Ultimate Game Changers: $50,000+

Bernard & Gloria Rinella Family Charitable Foundation

Jackson Kemper Foundation

Madigan Family Foundation

Game On: $20,000-$49,999

McGraw Foundation

Roll the Dice: $10,000-$19,999

Mr. Richard D. Doermer

Richard & Susan Grussel

Take a Chance: $5,000-$9,999


Jack & Carlin Anton

Aon Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Bert A. Getz

Mr. Robert D. Curtis & Ms. Dawn Hahn

Mr. & Mrs. Horace W. Jordan, Jr.

Koenig Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lee, III

Mr. & Mrs. Jay D. Proops

Neele & Bonnie Stearns

Community Chest: $2,500-$4,999

Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Atteberry

Terry & Gilmore Brennan

Ms. Este Brashear

Kittie & Bill Devers

Dennis & Karen Munk

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Traeger

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Tritley

Floyd & Kristin Yager

It’s Your Turn: $1,000-$2,499

Bob & Moya Chase

Scott Elrod

Bill & Alice Floersch

Barbara & Dick Rinella

Mary & Charlie Shahbazian

Suzanne T. Smart

Susman & Asher Foundation

Douglas & Kathy Wendt

Advance to Go: $200-$999

Allstate Giving Campaign

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burd

Ms. Jill Gerst

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Goodall, Jr.

Mrs. Robert Holway

Marcial & Mary Louise Mancillas

Nancy & George Matkov

Ms. Ellory Peck

Mrs. Roycealee J. Wood

Make a Move: $100-$199

Ms. Kaycee Coles

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Cutter

Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Gantz

Dede & Sam Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Herskovits

John & Marjorie Kerr

Kris & Jeff Kroll

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard D. Marren, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. James McGinity

Jodie L. Nedeau

Jean & Dick Segil

Mrs. Henry P. Wheeler