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Specialized Education Services

“It is wonderful to see the growth Paulie has shown with his participation in the school program, the friendships he has developed, and the great academic gains he has made… we are so proud of him!” – Jennifer Stiemsma, Allendale VP of Educational Services

Allendale’s Specialized Educational Services Program is designed/dedicated to helping students along with their parents, identify their own goals, building academic skills, good work habits, and self-confidence, through an individualized K-12 educational program. Our professional staff are trained in the REStArT model and work collaboratively with each client to achieve their personal goals.

How We Help:

  • Educating over 300 students on a year-round basis, including residents & daily commuters from area school districts.
  • Facilitating credit recovery and improving graduation outcomes.
  • Offering specialized classes and individualized attention via small class sizes & high adult-to-student ratios.
  • Providing vocational training, through our on-campus grounds-keeping crews, laundry, greenhouse, auto/small engines, carpentry, embroidery/sewing and food service programs.
  • Facilitating employment & job coaching for students, including training and employment at local businesses.
  • Enrolling students in local community colleges and offering grants to disadvantaged kids.

Read more about Paulie’s Story here!

How can I get more information about the Allendale school with referral and placement information? Contact Pam Magna at 847-245-6405 for our Lake Villa campus or Lorine Schaar at 815-206-5725 for our Woodstock/LINC campus.

Main School Office: Lake Villa Campus – 847-356-3334
Main School Office: Woodstock/LINC Campus – 815-206-5725

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