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Specialized Education Services

“When kids, parents and teachers work together, amazing things can happen!” – America Lugo, pictured above left with Colin & fellow teacher from LINC Satellite School Program in Woodstock, Kelly Mason.

Allendale’s Specialized Educational Services Program is designed/dedicated to helping students along with their parents, identify their own goals, building academic skills, good work habits, and self-confidence, through an individualized K-12 educational program. Our professional staff are trained in the REStArT model and work collaboratively with each client to achieve their personal goals.

How We Help:

  • Educating over 350 students on a year-round basis, including residents & daily commuters from 60+ area school districts.
  • Facilitating credit recovery and improving graduation outcomes.
  • Offering specialized classes and individualized attention via small class sizes & high adult-to-student ratios.
  • Providing vocational training, through our on-campus grounds-keeping crews, laundry, greenhouse, auto/small engines, carpentry, embroidery/sewing and food service programs.
  • Facilitating employment & job coaching for students, including training and employment at local businesses.
  • Enrolling students in local community colleges and offering grants to disadvantaged kids.

Read more about Colin’s Story here!

How can I get more information about the Allendale school with referral and placement information? Contact Pam Magna at 847-245-6405 for our Lake Villa campus or Lorine Schaar at 815-206-5725 for our Woodstock/LINC campus.

Main School Office: Lake Villa Campus – 847-356-3334
Main School Office: Woodstock/LINC Campus – 815-206-5725

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2018-2019 School Calendar — Woodstock/LINC Campus
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