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Special Education Teacher



Coordinates, oversees and provides individual and group educational instruction in order to meet the educational needs of students within the treatment program. Provides direction to Teacher Aides.  Provides direction for crisis intervention.


Allendale offers a Student Loan Repayment Benefit for all employees hired as a full-time licensed LBS1 Teacher. This benefit offers up to $200/month, for up to five years OR a sign on bonus of $2,500! ( $1,250 payable upon hire, $1,250 payable upon 6 months of employment with the expectation of 1 year minimum employment with the Agency.) Summary of Additional Employment Benefits.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in Education
  2. LBS1 Certification
  3. Knowledge of Special Education laws, rules and regulations

Or will consider:

Regular Ed. Teaching Certification actively pursuing LBS1 Teaching Certification;

Regular Ed. Teaching Certification willing to pursue LBS1 Certification;

Valid Substitute Teaching Certification actively pursuing LBS1 Teaching Certification.


  1. Coordinates, oversees and provides individual and group educational instruction to students. Prepares lesson plans; and develops and implements curriculum.
  1. Attends staff in-services, ISBE mandatory training, and team meetings.
  1. Involvement in crisis intervention; behavioral incidents requiring the use of physical restraint or use of a time-out room.
  1. May administer medication as required.
  1. Oversees and monitors the mandatory cumulative classroom records; and prepares and maintains confidential student reports and other statistics/information related to the Educational Program, and students.
  1. Maintains knowledge of current field trends; maintains membership in appropriate internal and external committees and professional organizations. Attends appropriate training programs.
  1. Manages and monitors classroom records, attendance, IEPs.
  1. Supervises children during non-classtime, recreation, and bus duty.