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Registered Nurse (RN)


Provides health services and first aid to residents, students and staff in accordance with standard nursing procedures, regulatory standards and Allendale guidelines.



  1. Associates Degree in Nursing
  2. Illinois state RN licensure
  3. CPR and Red Cross certification in first aid
  4. Knowledge of Joint Commission standards, OSHA BBP rules, Illinois Nursing Practice Act, and Illinois Code related to schools and health care
  5. Valid driver’s license and good driving record


  1. Bachelors Degree in Nursing
  2. Experience working in a mental health and/or school environment


  1. Provides health services and first aid to residents, students and Agency employees in accordance with standard nursing procedures, regulatory standards and Agency standards. Responds to residents regarding medical issues/concerns; and provides instruction to residents, students and staff regarding basic medical care. Performs CLIA tests using a glucometer to test blood sugar levels for diabetic clients.
  2. Administers medications to residents and students; verifies, prepares and monitors administration of all medications for residential units. Prepares home visit medication packets. Administers injections as needed; and assists with procedures involved with medical tests.
  3. Processes lab test orders and orders for new psychotropic medications, medication changes and discontinuations from physicians and psychiatrists. Maintains related records (computerized and paper copies).
  4. Maintains patient charts; and prepares and processes daily paperwork including paperwork related to appointments and results of appointment follow-ups, employee injury reports and medical incident reports. Compiles data used for treatment plans and Health Services related reports. Completes health-staffing reports per Agency requirements.
  5. Contacts guardians for consents on medications or other medical services. Keeps medication consents up to date.
  6. Assists with the coordination and scheduling of regular health care for residents, students and staff including: annual physicals, dental exams, hearing and vision screenings, and routine immunizations.
  7. Provides Restraint and Seclusion orders and completes on-site assessments of each restraint and seclusion.
  8. Works with other Agency staff and referring agencies to assure quality and continuity of medical care and maintenance of health standards. Provides guidance to professional, supervisory and other Agency staff regarding health related issues.
  9. Drives residents to medical or dental appointments, and picks-up pharmaceutical supplies.
  10. Conducts CPR and first aid classes, and assists with other health services related staff training as requested.
  11. Shares and communicates knowledge related to job functions with nursing and administrative staff as appropriate.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned.