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Quality Improvement Data Specialist



Provides assistance to the Quality Improvement Data Manager on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) initiatives within Allendale Association. Internally audits, organizes and enters data into data management systems.  Assists in the compilation and presentation of CQI data, quantitative compliance tracking reports and information, as well as qualitative analysis of the data reviewed.  Provides training on documentation related processes including, but not limited to behavior management related paperwork. Conducts regular utilization and file reviews of agency required documentation and processes and prepares feedback report on quality and content.  Assists in the coordination and preparation of agency accreditation/licensing surveys as appropriate.



  1. Bachelor’s Degree in continuous quality management or social services or equivalent experience.  Exceptions will be considered based on agency need and experience related to position
  2. Strong working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and                                                           database software (Word, Excel, Access and Power Point)
  3. Prior experience with critical review, interpretation and analysis of data


  1. Direct service experience in mental and behavioral health and knowledge of DCFS Rule 384
  2. Familiarity with Continuous Quality Improvement Programs or similar (ORYX, Sigma 6, or other performance measurement systems)
  3. Familiarity with basic statistical data
  4. Working knowledge of COA, Joint Commission, DCFS and Medicaid standards
  5. 2-3 years’ work experience in a residential treatment setting or child welfare facility or other social service setting
  6. Advanced knowledge of spreadsheets and database software (Excel and Access)


  1. Provides assistance to the Quality Improvement Data Manager on CQI initiatives within Allendale Association.
  2. Assists in the compilation of and maintains Continuous Quality Improvement data, tracking reports and information, and maintaining various computerized databases, including but not limited to, data entry and formatting.
  3. Compiles ad hoc data reports as requested.
  4. Provides training to new staff on the most frequently used residential documentation including behavior intervention required paperwork.
  5. Assists with regular utilization reviews, file reviews and DCFS Rule 384 reviews.
  6. E-mails relevant reports to committee participants in advance of meetings or on a regular reporting schedule as requested.
  7. Actively participates as a member of internal CQI Committees, by preparing and presenting prepared reports as well as compiling data as requested for other committee members.
  8. Assists with implementation and maintenance of the electronic health record.
  9. Assists the Associate Vice President of Continuous Quality Improvement in coordination of agency accreditation/licensing surveys, Maintenance of Accreditation preparation and Periodic Performance Reviews.  Assists in preparation of self-study/evidentiary materials related to all above activities.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned.