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Maintenance Worker I



Responsible for the daily tasks of laundry, mail, and parcel delivery, garbage pickup, special event set ups, furniture assembly and moving. Under supervision the employee assists with the routine maintenance of the physical plant and equipment.



  1. High School graduate or equivalent.
  2. One year general maintenance experience required.  Areas of applicable experience include assembling furniture, routine vehicle maintenance, minor plumbing repairs, grounds work and minor building maintenance.
  3. Valid driver’s license with a valid driving record.


  1. Assists in the maintenance of a clean, safe and healthy environment throughout the Agency’s facilities. Maintains a neat, efficient and safe work area at all times.
  2. Performs routine repairs and maintenance of the Agency facilities and equipment as assigned.
  3. Removes garbage from various Agency buildings as required.
  4. Picks up and delivers laundry to the cottages as required.
  5. Assists with providing routine maintenance of Agency vehicles including taking vehicles in for safety inspections, emission testing, and gassing up the agency vehicles.
  6. Assists with construction projects as assigned.
  7. Delivers water softener salt and fills the brine tanks for the water softeners.
  8. Shovels and removes snow and ice from walkways as needed; and provides general assistance with roads and grounds maintenance as requested.
  9. Picks up and delivers donations and supplies and materials for jobs, both on and off-campus.
  10. Assists with special projects and Agency events such as graduations, annual meetings, and other large events.
  11. Prepares appropriate records and paperwork related to the completion of work assignments.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned.

Additional compensation may be paid for the performance of additional duties outside of the assigned responsibilities for an employee’s position due to servicing additional clients, performing additional responsibilities due to vacancies in other positions, covering direct care shifts (by exempt classification staff) or other circumstances, as deemed appropriate.