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Job Coach II – Hidden Treasures/Community

Part-Time; 30 hours/week


The Job Coach provides support and supervision for students at work or educational training site.  Duties may also include transporting students to and from various community locations, when staff holds bus driver certification.



  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Education/Special Education or related field or 5 years of experience.
  2. Paraprofessional certification.
  3. Demonstrated proficiency in skills for basic math, reading, language arts and core academic subject areas.
  4. Valid Driver’s License and good driving record.
  5. Must be at least 21 years of age.


  1. Demonstrate proficiency in skills related to vocational/horticultural/business education.
  2. Experience in a special education environment or residential setting.
  3. School bus driver permit.


  1. Learn job site; perform task analysis of job.
  2. Orient students to job site.
  3. Develop individual job training plans for students in small group and/or one-on-one situations. Train students on job site using current best practices and task analysis with emphasis on job safety.
  4. Track student performance; develop performance goals for students by completing quarterly situational assessment for client workers. Complete payroll & pay generator on a bi-weekly basis.
  5. Maintain communication with members of treatment team.
  6. Maintain excellent working relationship with host business and answer questions the public may have.
  7. Transport students to and from job/educational sites, as needed.
  8. Monitor the assigned vehicle for safety and maintenance needs and report deficiency to appropriate department.
  9. Maintain regular daily attendance.
  10. Assist the Director of Career Technical Educator Department (CTE) with assessing students with the Aviator.
  11. Participate in school and agency training programs.
  12. Understands and implements Allendale’s Universal Rules and treatment program. May be needed to implement behavioral plans in accordance with the treatment plan and/or IEP. Utilizes restrictive interventions which includes the ability to physically restrain clients when a danger to self or others in accordance with Rule 384.
  13. Trains Teacher Aide staff to properly supervise youth in the performance of related vocational programs.
  14. Assist the Director of Career and Technical Education in interviewing students for the Work Experience Program.
  15. Assist the Director with tracking the department outcomes as necessary.
  16. Collaborate with the Hidden Treasures Coordinator to operate the store during special events that include public and private sales.
  17. Performs other related duties as assigned.
  18. Perform the following tasks at Hidden Treasures as assigned:
  1. provide a good customer experience e.g. clean environment, correctly priced items, stocked shelves, create attractive displays
  2. responsible for cash receipts
  3. responsible for utilization and monitoring of utilities, phone, etc.
  4. monitor donations, select items to retain and those to be donated to other agencies or discarded