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Foster Care Case Specialist



Manages all aspects of cases in Foster Care.  Assists clients in learning necessary life skills to live cooperatively and independently in the community.  Works with the court system, families, funding resources, schools, and other community resources.  Prepares required reports and ensures all relevant parties are informed of clients’ needs, goals and treatment progress on a timely basis.



  1. Bachelors Degree in Social Work, Psychology or related Human Services field
  2. Two years progressively responsible social services experience
  3. Child Welfare Employee Licensure
  4. Child Endangerment Risk Assessment Protocol Certification
  5. Certification to conduct licensing of foster homes
  6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  7. Working knowledge of word processing software
  8. Valid driver’s license and good driving record
  9. Minimum age 21


  1. Experience in a non-profit, human services setting with an emphasis in foster care child welfare
  2. Experience working in a residential treatment setting that includes work with special needs individuals
  3. Prior training in Outreach/Case management duties
  4. Experience working with DCFS and DMH
  5. First aid and CPR certifications


  1. Manages all aspects of a child’s case including but not limited to coordinating services, resources and professionals who are involved with the case, facilitate staffings, and educational placements, act as a liaison between DCFS and the agency, and provide crisis intervention.
  2. Is familiar with and adheres to DCFS policies and procedures, including but not limited to foster home licensing, runaway procedures, incident report procedures, and case review procedures.
  3. Collects and compiles data, maintains accurate records, statistics, and progress notes utilizing both computerized and hard copy files/records. Completes appropriate DCFS and agency forms and paperwork.  Prepares and/or presents various reports in staffings, meetings, or court proceedings.
  4. Works closely with child and family team members including but not limited to biological family, foster family, GAL, DCFS personnel, community resources, and any other ancillary members.
  5. Manages all aspects of placement transition including but not limited to discharge from residential or other agencies, movement to permanency and movement between living arrangements, and moves related to emancipation.
  6. Ensures sibling and biological-family visits when required or when appropriate.
  7. Works with clients, the court system, families, funding sources, schools and other community resources in order to assist the client in learning necessary life skills. This includes:  identification of daily living, vocational, recreational and social skills needs; assisting with the securing of appropriate housing and utilities; and the establishment and adherence to a regular budget.  Assists in the mediation of issues and conflicts; and provides crisis intervention as needed.
  8. Provides or arranges for the transportation of clients to home visits, medical appointments, psychological/psychiatric evaluations, court appointments, and other appointments as necessary. Ensures appropriate sources are notified of client appointments.
  9. Attends court and ACRs and prepares related reports. Assists in the coordination of ancillary reports from therapists and other professionals that serve clients.
  10. Attends and participates in various regular departmental and Agency meetings. This includes regular multi-disciplinary staffings such as comprehensive reviews, child and family team meetings, clinical meetings, comprehensive treatment plans, case monitoring, and extended updates for assigned clients.  Assists with establishing goals for assigned clients at staffings.
  11. Maintains familiarity with community resources and establishes community contacts. Assists other Agency staff in establishing community linkages.
  12. Reviews new cases and assists with the development of client treatment plans and goals for clients; recommends on-going modifications/updates as needed. Maintains regular communication with appropriate staff, referring funding sources, and families of assigned clients regarding the clients’ progress in the program and other pertinent information.
  13. Researches and recommends other sources of funding such as scholarships and other financial supplements for education/training program for clients.
  14. Provides regular supervision and continuous monitoring of client’s placement such as the foster home or client’s apartment. Provides training, support and information to the client, foster family, respite care providers, and makes appropriate referrals.
  15. Provides crisis management services including being on call or available when requested or required.
  16. Assists licensing specialist with licensing process for foster homes.
  17. Conducts searches for birth parents when their location is unknown.
  18. Assists managers with the gathering of intake information and the preparation of any intake documentation.
  19. Maintains knowledge of current field trends; maintains membership in appropriate internal and external committees and professional organizations. Attends appropriate training programs.
  20. Performs other related duties as assigned.