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Director of Educational Services, Career & Technical Education



Provides leadership and support to staff through planning, directing and overseeing CTE and treatment services as well as instruction and student outcomes to ensure the development and growth of high quality educational and vocational programming and services.



  1. Administrative Professional Educator License or eligibility in process.
  2. Illinois LBS1 license or related IL teaching license.
  3. Three years’ experience with special student populations identified with serious emotional and/or behavioral disabilities.
  4. Valid driver’s license with a good driving record.


  1. Prior supervisory experience specific to therapeutic school setting with an emphasis on vocational, instructional, and behavioral disabilities.
  2. Experience with IEP transitional services, vocational development and Career and Technical Education.
  3. Knowledge of ISBE/IDEA rules and regulations.


  1. Coordinates, supervises, develops, markets and implements the Career & Technical Education Program for the Agency. Monitors the effectiveness of the CTE Program in order to meet program goals and objectives, meet the needs of the students and funding resources, and to ensure the quality of the program.
  2. Provides instructional and treatment supervision and performance evaluation of classroom teachers, instructors and support services staff as assigned. Reviews lesson plans, schedules, staffing reports, report cards, and monitors IEP compliance.
  3. Addresses educational service staff performance concerns and/or disciplinary issues in accordance with agency policy and in consultation with VPs of Education and HR.
  4. Develops and approves Career and Technical Education Programs. Provides input and services for transitional plans.  Participates in team and supervisory meetings, and presents and/or prepares related reports.
  5. Demonstrates competence in and commitment to Agency treatment philosophy, training models and organizational structures. Is proficient in clinical supervision of the REStArT Model and ensures compliance of Agency Behavior Treatment Plan, Rule 384, TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) as well as other foundational skill training for direct service staff. Oversees completion and disposition of UIRs/SERs related to incidents occurring on the day shift.
  6. Oversees the vocational assessment/selection/placement process; and oversees the regular vocational testing counseling, monitoring, and progress of students. Ensures appropriate academic credits for participation in the Career & Technical Education Program are processed for students.
  7. Oversees the Career & Technical Education budget, expenditures, and revenues/billings. Ensures maintenance of appropriate and/or required records and licenses.
  8. Oversees the grant writing process for the Career & Technical Education Program including grants under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) and the Private Industry Council (PIC).
  9. Facilitates staff requests for time off, works with office staff to efficiently process appropriate levels of reimbursement/petty cash and check requests.
  10. Acts as job developer, making contacts with potential employers and maintaining positive agency employer relations in order to develop potential positions and worksites for program students.
  11. Tracks and maintains records and licenses, including billing records and the licenses to pay sub-minimal wages and Sliding Scale wages. Processes billings to appropriate funding sources.  Supervises weekly payroll for student training program.
  12. Prepares, presents and/or reviews various reports including the Department of Rehabilitation Services quarterly reports. Oversees student work permits and submits to the State.
  13. Markets the Career & Technical Education Program and attends external organization meetings in order to build and maintain resources and contacts.
  14. Develops strong relationships with community groups and volunteers as appropriate.
  15. Chairs IEP and other staffing meetings as needed. Maintains strong relationships with parents, school districts, educational surrogates, residential treatment staff and significant others to the students.
  16. Maintains proficiency in ISBE rules and regulations governing private special education school programs. Assists VP in ensuring compliance with ISBE expectations and reporting.
  17. Maintains knowledge of current field trends; maintains membership in appropriate internal and external committees and professional organizations. Attends appropriate training programs and professional conferences.
  18. Performs other duties as assigned.