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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Manager

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Manager


Do you expect something more for your career? Bring your skills and talents to a role where you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact. We are looking for a motivated and dedicated professional to fill this role!

If you are adept at multi-tasking and embrace playing an integral role in changing the lives of the youth we want to talk to you!

This Position Will: Develop and direct EHR software system testing, validation procedures, programming, and documentation related to application revisions and upgrades including creating test plans and testing all updates, customizations, modifications, upgrades, and new interfaces. Train end users across programs in the agency’s Electronic Health Record. Maintain supplemental training reference guides in various formats.  Troubleshoot reported issues. Monitor for compliance with expected data entry workflows. Work collaboratively with agency staff to develop and create custom reports as requested. Develop and maintain datasets for EHR data and other stored client data in Power BI.

The Ideal Candidate Will Possess:


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
  2. Working knowledge of SQL, HTML, CSS, JS, C# and .Net technologies to code backend reports. These reports will be visible on the graphical user front end for employees to use.
  3. Demonstrated proficiency in SQL Server Reporting Services.
  4. Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite including Outlook, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint and Word
  5. Proficiency with Power BI is preferred.
  6. Upon hire, successful completion of Streamline’s Advanced Technical Training as a condition of being granted access to the application backend.


$20.20 – $29.65/hour

Allendale’s rich heritage is based upon 125 years of meeting society’s needs by determining new ways to make a lasting difference in the lives of children and families who have endured tremendous devastation and loss. We embrace challenge; we seek out new ways to learn and to grow along with families, regardless of their circumstance or what brought them to us. That is WHO we have always been, and WHO we continue to be today. Our goal is to provide safe homes, high-quality specialized education and vocational training options; and clinical services to children and their families while recovering from severe childhood trauma. We focus on helping youth who have progressed in treatment and are working toward self-sufficiency or returning to their home environment. Our programs emphasize community involvement and community integration as part of the individualized treatment goals.