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Archive: Apr 2019

  1. Allendale’s embroidery, screen-printing program has local impact!

    Read more about how Allendale’s Embroidery & Silk Screening vocational program is making a local impact! “I think it’s great that they are providing an opportunity for kids to learn a vocation,” she said. “I’m glad to support that. The students I’ve met are excited to share what they’ve learned.” […]

  2. Allendale Receives High Praise from Advanc-ED Accreditation

    Allendale School’s Advanc-ED External Review concluded last week, utilizing over 30 standards that are tailored for all education providers across the country. The team examined our school’s programs, cultural context, resources, and stakeholder involvement to determine how well all parts work together to meet the needs of our students. The […]

  3. BCC Training/Presentation 9-20-19

    Did you know… 2019 is a renewal year for Illinois LCSWs and LCPCs? Join us for our next BCC Training/Presentation, “Understanding Myths & True Impact of Poverty when Working with Urban Youth & Families “, which will be presented by Deanna Pacelli, MSW, on Friday, September 20, 2019 from 9:45 […]